Damage (PRICES)

Price List 2018

Student Male €32.50

PhD Student Male €35.00

Student Female €42.50

PHD Female €45.00

Blowout €40.00

Female €47.50 Thick hair €50.00

Male €37.50

Full head bleach €50.00 per hour

Colour on consultation

If my prices are not to your liking I have only this to say, (you get what you pay for)

I give a min of 1 hour per customer and I am worth it, ARE YOU????

In cases of cancellation a 24-hour notice is required, if not a 50% surcharge is required.

In cases of desperation, a €5.00 surcharge is required, this goes to the person who let you take their place.

Bridal parties and Brides ( i do not do wedding hair), simply because I am not good at all that updo fannying about special day styling.I do a mean Ponytail though.