My protocol is as follows.


OK PEOPLE I am back and better than before.

The Quadruple coronary shitstorm has passed and I live to cut for another 50 years.

Please do not bring flowers, I get terrible hayfever and sneezing with this bypass wound kills, WHISKY, on the other hand, is greatly appreciated,lol

1- I will not be welcoming new customers

2- If you are sick please re-arrange your appointment

3- 4- Please do not enter the salon until the previous victim has been escorted out.

5- Unlike other hair salons I have a FRESH AIR system which means the air is constantly refreshed, it costs me a small fortune in electricity for your convenience, you’re welcome.

6- Fringe trims between haircuts are FREE, I would rather take off less and see you every week rather than give you a special needs fringe and have you hate me.


Take care to avoid dickheads, they are everywhere.