About Me

The salon is a place of escape, a Zen moment. Without all the usual salon trappings of Vogue & other glossy advertising.

My motto is:

GREAT HAIRCUTS THE ART OF CONVERSATION.and a bloody good espresso.

It’s all about individual styles, trends are for sheep. Come in for a coffee/tea and a consultation.

Hunter S Thompson said, ‘Good people deserve good Beer’.

I say Good people deserve great haircuts.

I am Jett and this is my story…

Before moving to the Netherlands I was a manager and senior stylist at Cobella, Mayfair London and County Hall.
Then on to Salon Services London , where i was senior sales manager and salon designer, which included Furniture design for some top salons.

Then came the big move.

My first position in the Netherlands was with Balmain, as international education manager and international events coordinator. After that I served 4 months at Sjenkels and Sjenkels as a senior stylist. Great fun but I am too old to conform to the rules.
My next position was at KamKam Kappers where I lasted 4 years before realizing I need to be my own man. I need freedom to be myself, and to therefore be able to give 100% to my customers.

And so the journey begins. come and join me, at Hair Architects.

You won’t regret it
Regards Jett.

PS my hair is now shorter and my beard grey, However, this picture of me is the ROCKSTAR that I still pretend to be.

Oh and 10 kilograms heavier, and a very Santa beard,

I wish those leathers still fitted me, Oh well live and dream.